There are at least two tried and true methods for eliminating programs for intellectually gifted students. One of course is to eliminate the program outright by refusing to allow any form of ability grouping beyond very specific special education populations. The other just as ominous method is to declare every program or course “open enrollment”. At one time the Advanced Academic (formally titled GT Center) program was specifically geared to a very small population of students who could not be adequately challenged in general education classes. In fact, at one time the Gifted Center program was under the Department of Special Education because such students truly needed special services.

Now one might say that AAP is not open enrollment because students are still selected for the program by school system personnel. The AAP population has grown from about three to five percent of the general population to around twenty percent and growing. Because of the inflated numbers of admitted students, the program has now been blamed for overcrowding at certain schools and for academic/social upheaval at others. If AAP is fine for twenty-plus percent of the general population, why not everyone? Open enrollment AAP Level IV will be coming to a school near you. Just give it a bit more time.

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