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Offering serious and challenging mathematics to intellectually gifted students


boys solving math problemsMath Enrichment Services was formed in February of 2006 in order to fill the need for quality math enrichment for gifted upper elementary and middle school students in the metropolitan Washington DC area. In addition to summer courses, we offer mentoring/tutoring for individual students and small groups on a limited basis throughout the school year. We also offer consulting services to individual schools, school systems, and institutions engaged in educational research.All courses are designed by Vern Williams and taught by Vern Williams or other instructors with extensive math backgrounds with the assistance of high school and college students who not only possess and demonstrate mathematical brilliance but are also able to motivate other students to reach their highest intellectual potential.

Other instructors have included Michael Auerbach (Thomas Jefferson High School), Jonathan Osborne (Thomas Jefferson High School), Eugene Huang (Longfellow Middle School), Peter Diao (Stanford), and Ryan Grove (BASIS Independent Mclean).


Our mission is to help students appreciate the beauty and power of serious and challenging mathematics. We strive to make the student who never cared about math love it and for those who have always loved math to love it even more.