Advanced Problem Solving

Registration for the Summer 2018 Advanced Problem Solving class is now open. Classes will remain open until filled by qualified students .

July 23 - August 3 (1 PM – 4 PM)               
Instructor: Vern Williams. Theo Faust, and visiting instructors. 

Class Size: We will have two levels and will assign 12-15 students to each class.  
Place: George Mason High School
7124 Leesburg Pike 
Falls Church, VA 22043


Print and complete a registration form. Mail it along
with a check for the tuition fee to:
Math Enrichment Services
1200 Kensington Road
Mclean, VA 22101
You may submit the registration information online and
make a secure credit card payment using PayPal.

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This course is mainly for rising eighth, ninth, and tenth graders who would like to prepare for high school math contests such as the AMC10, AMC12, ARML, the American invitational Mathematics Exam and USAMO. Problems will be selected from a variety of sources and problem solving techniques will be developed and applied. Other topics of interest, such as advanced number theory, combinatorics, and advanced topics from geometry will be discussed. The student should have the ability to reason abstractly and the desire to solve challenging problems in order to be successful in this course. We are planning to have two levels of APS. Adam Barth who attends Virginia Tech and was a USAJMO qualifer as an eighth grader will instruct the more experienced students. He was also a member of the four person 2010 Virginia State Mathcounts team.

Students who were very successful in the Math Reasoning course and/or advanced math courses from CTY (Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth) or Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) should be prepared for this course. Acceptance to programs such as MathPath as well as a score of 90 or above on the AMC10/12 also serve  excellent predictors of success in this course. Even though we will have two levels of APS, the entry level section will be quite rigorous. Students will be assigned to their respective section based on their mathematics course backgrounds and problem solving experience.